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What do I need to know?

Bite-sized content that introduces theories and concepts with worked/illustrative examples to underpin the concepts and theories presented.

How is this relevant to me?

Application of the theories and concepts presented. Additional directed learning, so learners can find out more about the subject/subject areas.

What have I learnt?

Self-assessment, to verify learning and comprehension, is combined with practical assignments to ensure mastery of your knowledge.

What have we covered?

Summary of all the key points, issues raised.

How can I measure my learning?

Feedback relating to appropriate learning opportunities to reinforce and consolidate learning.

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Study online with teachers in live classrooms for a truly interactive learning experience.
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Elevate your expertise through hands-on learning at the Business School of Switzerland.


Applies knowledge to practical situations.

Critical Thinking

Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Fosters teamwork and communication skills.