Global Accreditation

Delivering education to the highest global standards.

Global accreditation unlocks opportunities and transcends boundaries, validating our dedication to excellence on an international level. It not only boosts the credibility of our institution but also confirms the quality and relevance of our programs, guaranteeing that our students receive education meeting the highest global standards.

Fully Accredited.

Both at the institutional level and the programmatic level.

The 1st Hybrid Business School

in Switzerland

Empowering success through knowledge, innovation, and leadership at Switzerland’s first hybrid business school.

Multi Awards & Pathways
Diverse awards, endless pathways
unlock your potential
with limitless opportunities.

Experience the power of multi awards and pathways—your journey to success is personalized, versatile, and limitless.

The Business School of Switzerland provides diverse opportunities, ensuring you reach your full potential in a way that suits your unique aspirations and goals.


Business Programs

Boutique class

Semesters per year

Fully Online or Live Class

Swiss Made Business Program, now at your doorstep.

Fully online or live class mode.
Academic support and tutoring from local partners.
State-of-the-art Learning Management Systems.

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